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February 12, 2022      7:30pm

The Heart of a Woman

 Experience this concert of women composers, celebrating the tenacious women through our history who have broken the mold!

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Music is our escape and an opportunity to connect with others in an intimate way. We long to gather in the same space to share the magic that live music creates. The past teaches us that art is born from suffering, pain, loss, joy and hope. Through these trials, we emerge with performances that are even more emotionally authentic and beautiful because we have persevered through so much. For this concert, we’ve selected works by women who overcame the barriers and created works of art that will touch your soul and heal your spirit.

We are so excited to perform for you in person!



An April Day

Out of the South Blew a Wind

The Heart of a Woman

The Glory of the Day was in her Face


Elle était descendue au bas de la prairie

Elle est gravement gaie

Un poète distait


Canto de Nodriza


Canción de cuna


The Metropolitan Tower

The Strong House

The Hour

Clara Schumann

Warum willst du Andre fragen

Das Veilchen

Liebst du um Schönheit